Testimonials about ABC Board Certification

"There is not a month that goes by that I do not receive a referral or an inquiry from out-of-state because I am an ABC-certified business bankruptcy attorney listed in the ABC Directory. Becoming certified was one of the best things I have done for my practice." - Rudy J. Cerone, Esq., ABC Certified Business Bankruptcy Specialist, McGlinchey Stafford, PLLC, New Orleans, LA

"Considering the number of lawyers in the marketplace today, Smith Debnam believes that it is critical that lawyers set themselves apart by obtaining certification as soon as they are eligible. Certification is a marketing advantage for the certified lawyer and the firm." - Jerry T. Myers, Esq., ABC Certified Creditors' Rights Specialist, Smith Debnam Narron et al, Raleigh, NC

"I have received many referrals from attorneys who are ABC certified, the most recent from an attorney in California who needed local counsel," reports Terri. "Being certified is very important to me because it affirms for other attorneys and potential clients that I have the expertise they need when seeking a qualified business bankruptcy attorney." - Terri Gardner, Esq., ABC Certified Business Bankruptcy Specialist, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP, Raleigh, NC

"The directory of ABC-certified bankruptcy specialists is the first place I turn whenever a local attorney or client is looking for bankruptcy expertise in another jurisdiction. I feel that I can make the referral with confidence that the matter, large or small, will be handled competently. In my experience, other certified specialists around the country make similar use of the directory, and I have personally been the direct beneficiary of some of those referrals." - Peter N. Hill, formerly ABC Certified Business Bankruptcy Specialist, Wolff, Hill, McFarlin & Herron, P.A., Orlando, FL